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Frequently Asked Questions


When ordering, I switch from my iPhone to Desktop PC and the cart is the same?


It is suggested that you complete your order from one method as started out on. The IP Address is the same for Mobile and Desktop PC's on a wireless network, so you may continue your order on another device.


I don't want Energy Enhancers to store my ordering information?


You can update your order information by logging in, then selecting orders. Simply update the fields you wish to not store, and your ordering information is kept private. Credit Card information is stored securely in encryted form. You can update those fields as well if you do not want Energy Enhancers to store your Credit Card information.


When I order with Auto Ship, can I cancel my auto ship status?


Yes. Simply go to My Orders, and update the yes and no selector to no, and click on the "Update" button. Your auto ship status will be cancelled.

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